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About The Idea

A few years ago, the three of us were brainstorming ideas after a long tech rehearsal. What should we do for our next project? Should we write a musical about something ridiculous? A sketch show of original works? A weekly cabaret???

We combined all of those ideas into one epic project: a weekly cabaret of short, original and zany musicals based on terrible premises. It was an exciting idea; however, living in 3 different cities we quickly realized we lacked the logistics, means or time to do it.

Fast forward three years. Now older, wiser and conveniently living in the same zip code, we’ve developed the initial idea into World’s Worst Musical - a 10 episode musical webseries! As a writer watches his bad ideas come to life through song and dance, he discovers how great things can spring from even the worst ideas.

About The Creative Team

Molly Scanlon, Marty Scanlon, & Corey Lubowich

Corey Lubowich

Theatre: BFA Design & Production UMich, Director, Set and Costume Designer, Team StarKid member

Music: Singer (exceptional in showers), Viola (who knows why), Piano (chopsticks)

Human: Graphic Design, Video Editing (since Final Cut 1.0!), Baking Cupcakes, Breakfast for Dinner, British TV, Blue

Marty Scanlon 

Theatre: BFA Acting Univ. of Illinois, Writer, Director, Educator

Music: Singer, Writer, Musician (piano, bassoon, accordion, melodica...etc.), Videosong Composer, Producer, and Editor

: Video Creation/Editing, Audio Production, Kayaking, Drawing Robots, Eating Breakfast, Great TV

Molly Scanlon 

Theatre: Production, Stage Management, Properties Design/Fabrication, Costume Construction, General Jack-of-all-Trades

Music: BS Music from Illinois State University (Voice); other instruments - Piano (sort of), French Horn (in another life), Coronet (when I was 9)

: American Sign Language, Travel, Drawing (very poorly), Reading, Decorating Cookies and Cupcakes (sometimes with Corey), Sewing Elizabethan Ruffs, Making Epic Waffle Breakfasts 


Things We All Like

Arrested Development, Waffle Breakfasts (by Chef Molly), Good Music, Puntastic Good Times, Hilarity, Pirates (the good kind), Composing Music Together, Writing on the Same Google Doc at the Same Time 


Things We All Dislike

 Naysayers/Fiends/Scoundrels/Rogues/Scallywags (the bad kind), That This is Starting to Sound Like An OkCupid Profile, Non-Breakfast Items